A game about isolation

Before the story here is a link to the very very rough pre-pre-pre-alpha game. I have tried not to add any instructions as I hoped that it could be tutorial through discovery. I will add some to the next build.

WASD ūü°ź ūü°í ūü°Ď ūü°ď — move

R — reset level

The goal only works if you are alone.

Touching another block makes it attach to you.

Blocks of the same colour disappear if they touch.

A Preamble

As a young game addicted youth (World of Warcraft) I always dreamed about making a game and learning to program. Countless weekends with RPGMaker making a grand epic world but very little coding. Some time with 3D Studio MAX making a little Black mage sprite wave. Lots of time on pro-desktop for my Product design classes.

I eventually went off to study engineering, learned a lot more 3D modelling, but never did anything substantial. I would hit a wall and realised I just did not care any further. For 15 years I would from time to time dip a toe into code academy, played around with javascript and go, or blender (and build a horseshoe crab over 90 hours but the only record of which seems to be a single 3d print that is luckily still in my possession) or something else, but not actually want to build anything. 15 year of procrastination.

Ho Chi Minh City was in lockdown. I had spent 2 week in a hotel room and when I finally got out I was faced with a few more weeks of total lockdown. Even delivery for anything more than groceries was suspended. I wanted to be productive during lockdown. This didn’t initially happen, first I watched all of Mr. Robot. That might have helped. But I have gone from isolation to isolation to isolation. It had been 2 months in suspension. Reading, cooking, watching shows, exercising, working, cleaning…. but it was getting old. I needed to make something.

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One a Day – 1

Articles I’ve read in the past week. One for every day.

Four Futures

There are therefore four logical combinations of the two oppositions, resource abundance vs. scarcity and egalitarianism vs. hierarchy. To put things in somewhat vulgar-Marxist terms, the first axis dictates the economic base of the post-capitalist future, while the second pertains to the socio-political superstructure. Two possible futures are socialisms (only one of which I will actually call by that name) while the other two are contrasting flavors of barbarism.


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The Future We Deserve – Bootleg Oil

The Future We Deserve a collaborative book project to create a vision of the future is finished and launched as of yesterday. I cannot describe how good the book is to read. Perhaps it has been best expressed by Vinay in the introduction.

It is all available to read online, You can download the PDF or buy the book. I contributed to the book in the 11th hour after a moment of inspiration about a future scenario. Vinay encouraged me to write it up for the book. It is freely available online so to help promote the launch I reblogging my contribution to the book.

Bootleg Oil

After reading a blog post by Noah Raford I was awakened to the fact that visions of the future are typically commissioned by the wealthy and as such are horrendously narrow in their vision. How will the the glittery sustainable technology we all wish for change the world?

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Jay on Fascism in the UK

My friend Jay @thejaymo made a wonderful series of tweets a few days ago taking a list titled The 12 Warning signs of Fascism and attaching each to a picture, article or news story in the UK. Read the storify

The 12 warning signs of fascism seem to have evolved from an article written by Dr. Lawrence Britt¬†(‚ÄúFascism Anyone?,‚ÄĚ Free Inquiry, Spring 2003, page 20)¬†inside it he outlined¬†Fourteen Defining¬†Characteristics Of Fascism.

The impermanence of twitter compels me to commit his efforts into a blog so that it may be more easily shared and retrieved.

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The Needs of Others

I gave a talk at the open source hardware user group recently titled “The Needs of Others”. It was half outlining what is known about the effective delivery of technology aimed alleviating technology and half talking about how faithful¬†reproduction¬†of physical objects at any reasonable scale is dependent good documentation and then exploring the challenges all int he context of Free and Open technology. Unfortunately I only had 20 minutes while it was at least an hours worth of talking.

I really enjoyed it and the other two talks we great.

It was the first time I had to talk about the topic so the practice was great and I now have a better feel for it. Might ask a few ewb branches if they need a speaker

You can see my notes if you download the file.

My time

It’s been a good long while since my last post. In truth I am not a blogger by habit. I do things, or I think about doing things. Writing about the things I am doing or thinking about is a forced action for me. Ironic in light of the documentation bent I am pursuing.

I recently applied for a job. Both shocking to those who know me that I could muster up the effort and attempt to pursue something resembling a typical life path, and shocking to those who don’t for that this should stand out as anything remarkable. Surely for all my whining about having no money or job I should pursue gainful employment with all the vigour afforded to me by my body in the waking hours.

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We Are The Elite

To the ‚Äú99%‚ÄĚ,

Yesterday I tweeted this

‚ÄúTop 1% of earners globally is anyone with an annual income of ¬£22000 #perspective#occupyearth #occupyeverywhere http://t.co/YXh6sVMs‚ÄĚ

I received this response

‚Äú@jumplogic Good perspective. We are the 99.99%. Stop international profiteering and private pillage of public good worldwide. #OccupyEarth‚ÄĚ

I agree with the second half, however I have a problem with the statement ‚Äúwe are the 99.99%‚ÄĚ. Continue reading

Quick Update

A quick update over what has been happening with the documentation project and why I’ve been quiet.

I’ve added some of my work to http://www.appropedia.org/Hexayurt_Plywood¬†. Images to be added as I make ones I am happy with.

I’ve started migrating the work onto opensource platforms. I’m learning how to use¬†Scribus and Inkscape. Not sure if I’ll also learn freeCAD, at this moment I think the¬†accessibility¬†of SketchUp and the 3Dwarehouse to be more useful. Continue reading