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A quick update over what has been happening with the documentation project and why I’ve been quiet.

I’ve added some of my work to http://www.appropedia.org/Hexayurt_Plywood . Images to be added as I make ones I am happy with.

I’ve started migrating the work onto opensource platforms. I’m learning how to use Scribus and Inkscape. Not sure if I’ll also learn freeCAD, at this moment I think the accessibility of SketchUp and the 3Dwarehouse to be more useful.

Researching open source collaboration/project management platforms.

I’ve started to divide up the document into separate elements. This is partially because of the way Scribus works, but it is also because this is the best way to organise the work, especially with collaboration. Hope to have v0.2 out soon.

I’ve been talking to several people about the direction of the project. Some great input from Chris Watkins that has lead me to consider the role of the online wiki as a deeper part of the process than I had originally, and Lucas Gonzales about starting out with translation in mind. Other ideas were about documenting the documentation project.

The EWB-UK London PN was starting something related to documentation that I should now be the volunteer for.

Planning on visiting the London Hackspace to see if there is any interest there

I’ve had one person, Alejandro Fernandes, express interest in joining. Still looking for more.

Had some thought about the name. Throw your suggestions into the comment please.

Researching about setting up the company and the legal stuff. Thinking about setting it up as a CLG (Company limited by Guarantee) but these are things I have been waiting for forming the team before delving into too deeply.

Thinking about deadlines. Will move past trying to gather collaborators and into formally registering company and soliciting donations by the end of October or early-November.

Thanks for all the support guys.

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