Jay on Fascism in the UK



My friend Jay @thejaymo made a wonderful series of tweets a few days ago taking a list titled The 12 Warning signs of Fascism and attaching each to a picture, article or news story in the UK. Read the storify

The 12 warning signs of fascism seem to have evolved from an article written by Dr. Lawrence Britt (“Fascism Anyone?,” Free Inquiry, Spring 2003, page 20) inside it he outlined Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism.

The impermanence of twitter compels me to commit his efforts into a blog so that it may be more easily shared and retrieved.

If you are reading this Jay perhaps it might be worth making one with Britt’s list for added punch.

12 Warning Signs of Fascism: 

1. Exuberant nationalism :

2. Enemies Identified :

3. Rights Disappear : tgr.ph/scer2Q

4.  Secrecy Demanded :

5. Military Glorified

6. Corporations Shielded

7. Corruption Unchecked bit.ly/tKMKogbit.ly/sjvpH2

8. Media Controlled bit.ly/ulTGHd

9. Rampant Sexism 

10. Intellectual Bullying bbc.in/rt3fMh

11. Militarized Police bit.ly/s2pbR1

12. Elections Stolen not QUITE there yet in the UK but the coalition certainly has no mandate.

Just for clarity I do not agree with all of the links, and many I would have illustrated differently but that is irrelevant compared to how many I do agree with. Might be an interesting project to create a site dedicated to this list where readers can send submissions illustrating each point.

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