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It’s been a good long while since my last post. In truth I am not a blogger by habit. I do things, or I think about doing things. Writing about the things I am doing or thinking about is a forced action for me. Ironic in light of the documentation bent I am pursuing.

I recently applied for a job. Both shocking to those who know me that I could muster up the effort and attempt to pursue something resembling a typical life path, and shocking to those who don’t for that this should stand out as anything remarkable. Surely for all my whining about having no money or job I should pursue gainful employment with all the vigour afforded to me by my body in the waking hours.

Nevertheless I applied for a job and was forced to commit the past two to three month of my life onto paper. To frame my activities in a way that a prospective employer would look upon with intrigue or at the very least something on the favourable side of the line between good and bad reactions. I had batted away the questions of “What do you do?” with humour during polite conversation but now faced with the unflinching bounds of the CV there was no room for playfulness.

I am a volunteer for engineers without borders. I am a volunteer for the hexayurt project. I am a host for a lecture and performance series. I am the assistant/understudy of a particularly strange man whose has invested phenomenal amounts of time and effort into my future. I am a freelance consultant on development issues. I am on a documentation project.

I am unemployed.

For those curious I did not get the job. I did end up with an updated CV but I also ended up with an interesting look at my situation. My time is filled with great and interesting endeavours. The past month has been packed. I gave a talk on the documentation project. It turned out 30minutes was not enough time. I spent the last week as part of a team consulting on mobile network in the developing world. I was hosting Richard Stallman, Jamais Cascio and Pat Kane lectures and soon British Touring Shakespeare will be doing an experimental unrehearsed undirected performance of King Lear.

Hopefully money is on the way but seeking economic maintenance activities i.e a job seems rather unnecessary given the looming threat of economic collapse. I’d rather spend my time in limbo building up a lovely network of contacts and reputation rather than risk my time chasing a dream that died years ago.

The downside is I have been unable to do “grunt work”. The simple actions of making CAD designs, and releasing v0.2 of the hexayurt instruction book. December looks to be a rather slow period so I hope to get back on that small easily forgotten corner of my work that launched the hectic month.

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