We Are The Elite



To the “99%”,

Yesterday I tweeted this

“Top 1% of earners globally is anyone with an annual income of £22000 #perspective#occupyearth #occupyeverywhere http://t.co/YXh6sVMs”

I received this response

“@jumplogic Good perspective. We are the 99.99%. Stop international profiteering and private pillage of public good worldwide. #OccupyEarth”

I agree with the second half, however I have a problem with the statement “we are the 99.99%”. We cannot continue to count ourselves as poor on the global level. From this perspective we are appealing to higher authorities to do the right thing and address our grievances. Who are at the top of the 99.99% within our western society and would we readily accept them if they claimed that they stood amongst us? On the global level we are the rich complaining about the super rich and the hyper rich whilst viewing ourselves as poor. I do recognise the issue of purchasing power parity that means that being globally rich is meaningless when the costs of living absorb most of it. I recognise that among the occupy movement are many homeless and jobless individuals who do not have the good fortune of a parent capable of housing them like me. However, this still remains highly relevant to many of the occupiers and their supporters.

I think it is important that we begin to recognise we are the elite. Recognise that things are bad for you but instead of looking up and seeing those who have it better, turn around and see the greater swathes of people looking at you as the one who has it better. We are secondary exploitees, millions of people were exploited along the supply chain before it became your turn to be squeezed. We are part beneficiaries and part victims of the system we are rallying against.

I am calling for a change in perspective because re-framing the situation arms us in a great way.

Take the following views.
1. We are the 99% (disenfranchised) demanding that corporate influence and the local imbalance be redressed.
2. We are the elite using our influence and power to redress the global imbalance, caused by the hyper elite.

Now, which one is more empowering? In the second the power is of the more potent form held by members of the elite. It reclaims ownership of the moral imperative. Actions now stem from a more selfless core. The emotions are positive.

Of course all of this is irrelevant if you do not agree that a global perspective is relevant. My view is it is morally bankrupt to stop our demand with the western 1%. We, the global 1% are not in a position of exemption and must be willing to have the same demands made against us that we make upon the upper echelons of western society. Who is to say that after the global rebalance what parts of our living standard will increase and what will decrease? We may very well all be able to afford a place to live but holidays and electronic goods may become unaffordable. This is something we have to accept when we move down this line of reasoning

A member of the global 6%,
Al Razi Masri

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  1. Magnus avatar

    I agree that it’s important to realize what the global perspective implies and not just focus on national issues. But I think that the occupy-movement has the potential at least to be about more than just redistribution of national wealth. A consequence if the 1% politics in the western countries is that the political capabilities has become impotent when it comes to anything else than catering for the production of more wealth to the 1%. So even if the 99% are globally a 1% elite, there is no way for us to utilize those resources for the global good.

    The idea of the 99% as I feel its being enacted is also to take back political initiative from a 1% group. This could and should then generate another kind of political direction than just accumulation of national wealth. But for that to happen, you are right that the global perspective has to be there from the begining.

    1. alrazimasri avatar

      Indeed. I recognise the occupy movement fights against the imbalance in fields outside of monetary wealth. It is just very hard to convey the position of privilege in the world without having to resort to a measurement based in wealth.This I did only for the initial “look where we are globally”. Money is only part of the issue.

      We theoretically are also part of the 1% politically worldwide since the decisions made by western powers hold weight in the far reaching corners of the world. Can you imagine if the global 99% start demanding taking back their political initiative by demanding a say in our foreign policy?

      I just feel occupy is the best hope we have for seeding this kind of deep global consideration

  2. razi avatar

    Check out this video for perspective http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201570228565327

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