Here is an attempt to map out how information flows in an idealised documentation and creation cycle of a piece of technology and how this can be seen at different resolutions. Currently the situation is that the polished documentation and documentors stages are bypassed. They fall broadly into three categories, the passing on of information, feed back on the use of the product (be it the instructions of technology) and creation/improvement.

At the base level it follows the cycle below. It can be seen the steps that all information has/should pass through are the documentors, the feedback and the polished documents

A major improvement on the design has the potential to create a new variant. Each variant has its own cycle. A variant can spawn other variants. Lessons and improvement from one variant can be applied across the range. Variants typically have a reason to exist separately from the original model. If the new variant is superior in every way it renders the old one obsolete.

These variants are still considered part of a single invention, however breakthrough can span entirely new inventions have all the same interconnectedness seen between different models of a single invention. Each can also be analysed as having the same basic information cycle across the entire rage of inventions level instead of only and the model level

These inventions can be grouped by family of technology Each family of technology also has the same basic cycle at a pan inventional level and interconnectedness across the pan family level

There are potentially many other levels above this following the same structure.

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