Scope and Modular Videos



Often when I try to describe the project to people they get focused on a single aspect. This project is about documentation, instructions, open source ideals, and appropriate technology. During this starting up phase I will try to offer a glimpse at what the project hopes to cover.

Today I took a first look at the video format. How to make video instructions collaborative friendly and open source. As said this is a first run we will return to once the project starts in earnest.The same sort of analysis will be done to every aspect and every medium.


Re-filming videos is an expensive process. Especially when it becomes necessary to remake the videos to fill a different need. Applying Open Source and Modular principles to video might hold some answers

Things to consider

Multiple resolution and aspect Ratio
No overlays
No Presenter (Value of the presenter? Complicates modification)
Narrators (how to make multiple voices feel normal)
Source Material
Padding and filler (different languages take different times to say the same thing)

What are the source materials of a video?
Editing Suite files
Animations (has own source material)
Unedited Footage
Transcripts & Subtitle Footage
Time Data (unedited video cuts and activities, edited video cut and activities, and transcript)
Allow editors in other languages with enough time data
Still images

Features of Video according to purpose
Each one is multiplied when considering a video that is specific to a variant or the whole family of the technology
Teaching Instruction Promotion
Lecture Substitute/Supplement Handbook Substitute/supplement Advert
Also Background and Variation Single Purpose of build Showcase/Summary
Some details All Detail Little Detail
Audience Builders Public
Continuous run or paused at stage Paused often Single run
Animate to clarify and simplify Animate to clarify detail/step/process Animate to simplify whole

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