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A game about isolation

Before the story here is a link to the very very rough pre-pre-pre-alpha game. I have tried not to add any instructions as I hoped that it could be tutorial through discovery. I will add some to the next build.

WASD 🡐 🡒 🡑 🡓 — move

R — reset level

The goal only works if you are alone.

Touching another block makes it attach to you.

Blocks of the same colour disappear if they touch.

A Preamble

As a young game addicted youth (World of Warcraft) I always dreamed about making a game and learning to program. Countless weekends with RPGMaker making a grand epic world but very little coding. Some time with 3D Studio MAX making a little Black mage sprite wave. Lots of time on pro-desktop for my Product design classes.

I eventually went off to study engineering, learned a lot more 3D modelling, but never did anything substantial. I would hit a wall and realised I just did not care any further. For 15 years I would from time to time dip a toe into code academy, played around with javascript and go, or blender (and build a horseshoe crab over 90 hours but the only record of which seems to be a single 3d print that is luckily still in my possession) or something else, but not actually want to build anything. 15 year of procrastination.

Ho Chi Minh City was in lockdown. I had spent 2 week in a hotel room and when I finally got out I was faced with a few more weeks of total lockdown. Even delivery for anything more than groceries was suspended. I wanted to be productive during lockdown. This didn’t initially happen, first I watched all of Mr. Robot. That might have helped. But I have gone from isolation to isolation to isolation. It had been 2 months in suspension. Reading, cooking, watching shows, exercising, working, cleaning…. but it was getting old. I needed to make something.

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