Why Document?

Instead of repeatedly appealing for collaborators I am posting a series of my thoughts on documentation to publicise the documentation project.

Why am I pursuing this documentation project?

I will begin from a very simple and obvious point. “A thing is useless to me if I cannot use it”. No matter how brilliant the thing is.

This can be for many reasons.Too big, lack of training, unsuited for my cirsumstances, in the wrong language, lack of capital, I cannot acquire it, I cannot communicate with the people that could help me etc. Until all barriers that prevent me from accessing it are overcome it is functionally useless to me. Who is responsible for eliminating these barriers is another matter entirely that depends on the thing in question. I assume this holds true for most people. Continue reading

The project with no name

I originally had this as part of the previous post but after much consideration and consultation I had to redo it all.

While I was working on the hexayurt Instructions I began to wonder what should I do next. I could either finally work on my initial plan of documenting how one could attempt to build one on their own, or to create additional documents for the rest of the plywood hexayurt family.

I decided I would do the later. I would create documents for a haiti specific hexayurt, h13 and upgrades to achieve higher living condition.

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Instructions v0.1beta

—– NOTE: between the time I drafted this post and when I was finally ready to release it the nature of what I want to do has taken on a whole new life. I have kept this post the way it is for the most part since it serves it’s purpose but I recommend you read my next post “The project with no name

Every time I think I am on to the next step it turns out I stumble across and even more basic or crucial step. So here is the instruction manual before I tackle anything further.

Hexayurt Instructions.docx

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