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—– NOTE: between the time I drafted this post and when I was finally ready to release it the nature of what I want to do has taken on a whole new life. I have kept this post the way it is for the most part since it serves it’s purpose but I recommend you read my next post “The project with no name

Every time I think I am on to the next step it turns out I stumble across and even more basic or crucial step. So here is the instruction manual before I tackle anything further.

Hexayurt Instructions.docx

The opensource nature and non specificity of the hexayurt means that it is highly customisable to situations and allows for construction by eye. However, in my experience, unless someone has made or seen one before he/she need more specific information as to what he/she should be eyeballing.  Additionally in a mass deployment scenario of hundreds of thousands of hexayurts, it seems like a time saver is a general guide to dimensions was available to apply to all builds instead of each one being built by eye. At least until there is enough experience on the ground that it begins to self propagate as is intended. This could all end up being entirely unnecessary and the document stripped back to very basic instructions like this seen here.

This is based on the measurements that have come out of my sketchup model and the first draft of instructions as well. I am not a graphic designer and any help with the visuals would be much appreciated. At this time I am not attempting to make instructions for the illiterate but if good diagrams do come out of this project it is something I hope someone more artistically inclined could tackle. I have intentionally made the document quite extensive as part of a wider project to provide the hexayurt with the professional style documentation funders love to see. However the bulk of it, with the actual instructions, can serve as a stand alone document.

This document is released into the public domain. Due to the large number of contributors to the hexayurt project it has been difficult to determine who has done what. If you think someone has not been properly acknowledged or credited please let me know.

Once all the diagrams are complete, I hope to run a trial run to see if people who have medium to low technical competency but no experience with the end product can build one, so if you know of any builds that would like to test the instructions do let me know. I hope to run it with a wordless copy and a full copy as backup to identify which description or diagrams need to be enhanced. Until then the instructions are considered to be in beta testing

When this is done myself or one of you wonderful chaps can cannabalise its content for the appropedia page.

P.S. I will try to make sure all documents are available is opensource formats and/or free to view formats. Regretfully I started this in word 2010 and got too far before realising this oversight. Once it is in a viable release version I’ll begin about the business of converting it.

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