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Perhaps I was too quick to judge Google Sketchup in my last post. I still dislike many things about it but it  is a capable package.

Well I got about creating models of the h12 and h13 hexayurt.

I tweeted about it yesterday and the response has been great. Also thanks Lucus for incorporating it into appropedia so fast.

The h12 is slightly different from what is normally built. I have moved the blocks that connect the roof and the wall to the inside. They are normally on the outside to ease fitting however, I moved them inside because of my solo build modification.

The h13 is still very rough for now. Many of the joining blocks have yet to be added and construction lines lurking in corners. The door is still half height. The multiple overlaps have created a mess. I have left many of the panels clipping through each other. If someone with more experience of this build could take a look and tell me what are the best parts to trim that would be great. Also I was unsure of what would be the best way to organise the overlapping for the roof.

Once both models are perfected I will try and host them in an open-source format. Tri-platform if possible (Win/Mac/Linux).

My next plans are to create blue prints with full dimensions for both models and IKEA style construction instructions. Once that is done, then I can finally begin the proper solo build instruction manual that started all this.

PS. Are there any other variants that people would like a model of?

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  1. thruflo avatar

    Stick these designs on and they’ll automatically generate cutting sheets for CNC milling.

    1. alrazimasri avatar

      Thanks for the suggestion, However after talking with Nick and testing it seems the script is not flexible enough for non wikihouse models

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