Subject Clusters Version 1



Subject Clusters – How schools can use schedules and micro-sites to minimise cross links during pandemics Version 1.0

It started as a random tweet to my epidemiologist friend Dr. Gonzales. He encouraged me to fully form this idea of how a school could be structured in the face of the corona virus crisis. I know there are many plans and proposals out there and maybe this will suit one of their contexts.

I finished working on this as soon as I was able to fit my school’s curriculum into the plan. If my school takes it further I will update and improve this write up.

It managed to limit loss of face time to 16% for IGCSE students and 30% for IB students. It also provide online versions of lessons students who wish to remain remote. If only 70% of students return contact chains are limited to around 60 people It could be improved with more staff but this also assumes that many will not be able to return or will chose to remain remote.

I know it is complex from a timetabling perspective, but for the staff and students they only need to follow a timetable like they always have.

Please contact me if you are interested. Any feed back would be welcome. @jumplogic on twitter will probably be the most reliable way.

Thank you to Dr. Lucas Gonzales for his advice and Adam for proofreading my drafts.

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