Rant on Victory for Activists

Things said on twitter pass too quickly so I preserve my rants here for future reference.

Razi@jumplogic Aug 27

Had a realisation I hate. The intellectual disintegration in all rights movement is a mathematical certainty and a direct effect of success.

Aug 27

The pioneers and early adopters had the intellectual rigour and honesty to see and address the problems.

Aug 28

Leading us and enriching the later adopters, but we are not as smart as them. Our entrance and advocacy is of a lower calibre.

Aug 28

When we join the fight we bring the average intelligence down. It becomes obvious in social consciousness that most adopt some form of it

Aug 28

Due to widespread adoption some that identify as (…)ist are unable to actually understand it and reproduce their own charicature [sic] instead

Aug 28

Whilst masterworks continue to elighten [sic] us, they are now only a small part of the discourse as the masses clutter it with fingerpaintings

Aug 28

That is victory

I’ll repeat something I’ve said before. “People should remain as critical to extensions of their views as they usually are to opposition.”

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